Kidz Klub proudly announces the opening of its new Jamaica, Queens and Danbury locations.

Kidz Klub is excited to announce the opening of its new Jamaica, Queens and Danbury locations. With these new additions, Kidz Klub will be able to provide even more families with the opportunity to enjoy its unique brand of fun.

Kidz Klub has been a staple in the Connecticut community for five years, and we are proud to be able to expand our reach to even more families. Our new Jamaica, Queens location will be our flagship store, and we can’t wait  to  show  everyone  what  we  have  in  our  play  space.  Our  Danbury location has been completely renovated and will offer a bigger space for kids to play.

Regarded as the 21st century’s Discovery Zone by parents around Fairfield County, CT, Kidz Klub provides families with a safe space for their children to play, learn, and engage with other kids. From slides to sports courts, tunnels to towers, fun is always right around the corner!

Kidz Klub is a family-owned and operated business. As a young boy, Joshua Horton frequently visited Discovery Zone with his parents, Jesus and Renee. Recalling these as some of the fondest memories of his childhood, the Horton’s wanted to provide children with the same unique fun and social experiences that positively impacted Josh from a young age.

At Kidz Klub, our mission is to encourage motor and social skill development  for  children  as  they  grow  and  mature,  in  addition  to providing a safe space for them to run around and have fun!

Over  the  past  2  years,  COVID-19  has  presented  challenges  for  the psychological development of children as schools opted for remote learning and many in-person activities were scaled back or canceled entirely.

Since early 2020, Kidz Klub has helped provide social and physical activity in our large, open spaces for children who had otherwise been limited, allowing them to keep developing the skills they’ll need later in life.

Kidz  Klub’s  new  flagship  location  spans  30,000  square  feet,  hosting  a wide variety of activities for children ages 1-13. Our new space features an  expansive  indoor  jungle  gym,  a  one-of-a-kind  Junior  Ninja  Ropes Course, multiple ball pits and slides, a variety of arcade games, private birthday party rooms, indoor basketball hoops, and an Astroturf playing field which will be used to host a variety of sports and activities.

And while we have all these awesome amenities for your children, we didn’t forget about you, parents! Our stores offer comfortable seating options and high-speed internet for parents looking to relax or be productive while their kids run free and play. Our open-concept layout also allows parents to closely monitor their kids as they climb, jump, and run around, without ever needing to enter the play area.

We always strive to provide a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience for  families,  but  the  true  value  of  Kidz  Klub  comes  from  our  ability  to bring people together. There’s no better community for kids to meet other  kids  and  parents  to  meet  other  parents,  often  leading  to  future playdates and even lifelong friendships. For families with multiple children, our play place fosters sibling relationships as older siblings help younger ones learn to climb, socialize, and have fun.

Our private and personalized birthday parties have become a staple of our Connecticut locations, and we’re thrilled to continue spreading the joy that comes from these celebrations. In addition to birthday parties, Kidz Klub will be hosting a variety of events including magic shows, DJs, disco dance nights, sporting events, face painting, and visits from your children’s favorite film characters throughout the year!

Safety and cleanliness have always been our top priority, as all play areas are designed with the participant’s well-being in mind.

In  addition  to  keeping  a  careful  eye  on  your  children,  our  team  of coaches clean all play surfaces thoroughly throughout the day in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other germs.

There are few places nowadays where parents can feel comfortable allowing their children to run around independently, and we’re excited to provide this fun and safe space to the families of Jamacia, Queens!

Kidz Klub Queens will be opening in September of 2022, and we can’t wait to welcome your family into our awesome new facility!

For a limited time before our grand opening, Kidz Klub is offering 10% off your first visit. All you have to do is scan the QR code and follow the prompts!

See you soon!
Jesus, Renee, and Joshua Horton Owners of Kidz Klub

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