Meet and Greet with Mickey Mouse at Kidz Klub

Children love different characters in cartoons they watch on television or social media. They always want to meet, play, and have fun with them. 

What if your kids can meet the character of their dreams? Imagine the happiness on their face after meeting their favorite character. Isn’t it exciting? 

Well, this can happen because Kidz Klub is organizing and conducting a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse at our indoor playing facility. Get your kids prepared to meet Mickey Mouse in person and have unlimited fun!

Why Meet & Greet with Mickey Mouse?

In the heart of every child, different characters lie whom they love and want to meet in their life. Similarly, Mickey Mouse also holds a special corner in the hearts of many children of different age groups. 

He captivates audiences with his charm and lovable personality. It is one of the most iconic characters in the world. It has the spirit of friendship, adventure, and imagination along with a cheerful character. 

Meet & Greet with Mickey Mouse

Get your kids prepared for the star-struck appearance of Mickey Mouse himself. This is a lifetime and unique opportunity for kids to meet their favorite character in person, take photos, share hugs, and create memorable moments that can last a lifetime. 

Balloon Twisting Activity for Kids

In addition to meeting Mickey Mouse, kids will have the chance to experience an exciting balloon-twisting activity. Our talented balloon artists can turn colorful balloons into a diverse variety of characters and shapes. 

The children can also participate and make unique balloon shapes by twisting them. Whether they like balloon flowers, animals, or any other shape, we can make any shape for them. This activity also allows them to interact and play with other kids too. 

Don’t Miss The Chance

If your kids love Mickey Mouse, then this is the perfect opportunity for them to meet with the character of their dreams. So, join us on Saturday, June 29, 2024, from 4 pm to 5 pm. Bring your smartphones or cameras along to capture the perfect moments filled with fun and laughter. Reserve your spot right away!

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