Shake It Up Night at Kidz Klub

Are you looking for a place with a blend of entertainment, creativity, and excitement for your kids? If that’s the case, then you’re at the right place! We at Kidz Klub have introduced “Shake It Up Night”. We organize this spectacular night every Friday to make your kid’s weekend fun and memorable. 

Our playing arena is spread on 32,000 square feet and aims to provide your 2-12-year-old children the wholesome experience you’re looking for. We guarantee your child’s safety and security to ensure customer service and satisfaction. Thus, get in touch with us today and book your spot!

Make Your Kids’ Friday Nights Full of Fun!

Every Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm, we transform our playing facility into a vibrant playground. We offer a wide range of activities to keep your kids entertained and engaged. 

What’s a Friday night without any dance and music? Well, to cover this aspect, we have arranged a live DJ who knows exactly what to play to entertain your kids. From the latest hits to classical tunes, our DJ plays all to make your kids dance. 

Moreover, our well-versed and efficient team has also prepared many engaging and entertaining activities for your kids. From musical chairs to limbo and dance competitions, we have got it all covered under one roof. We conduct friendly dance competitions among the kids which compels them to show their moves and enjoy!

Enjoyment with Safety!

The safety and security of every child are the top priority of every parent. We understand this and we have a helpful and friendly staff to look after your kids. Our indoor facility is designed with the well-being and safety of your kids in mind. Our staff is always at the service to assist and supervise your children. We guarantee a safe and secure environment for kids that step in. 

Free WiFi To Stay Connected

We know that waiting is not an easy task. Thus, to make waiting easier, we at Kidz Klub have a free WiFi facility. All the parents can stay connected to the outside world or run their errands seamlessly. 

Our free WiFi facility also allows you to capture the precious moments of your children and share them with your family and friends instantly! 

Join the Magical and Engaging Fiesta

Do you really want a perfect way to kickstart the weekend with your kids? If so, then turn your head towards Kidz Klub. We are here to turn your Fridays into a family fun night filled with music, laughter, excitement, and many more. Hence, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and join us on every Friday night form 6 pm to 8 pm!

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