Gel Ball Blaster at Kidz Klub 

Do you want a thrilling and exciting adventure in Danbury, CT? If so, then turn your head towards Kidz Klub. We always try to come up with new and exciting games and activities to ensure customer service and satisfaction.

Whether you are planning a group outing or simply a fun day out with friends and family, we offer a memorable experience with our Get Ball Blaster activity. 

What is Gel Ball Blaster?

Gel Ball Blaster is a safe and thrilling activity that mixes the fun of tactical gameplay with the harmless fun of gel ball shooting. People use specially designed blasters to shoot soft, water-filled gel balls at opponents or targets. It is a non-contact support that emphasizes strategy, teamwork, and fun. 

Safe and Secure Gel Blaster for Kidz of All Ages

Gel blasters are battle blasters that shoot biodegradable gellets. Gel blaster wars are an exciting, fun, and new way for children of all ages. The small colorful hydrating balls are made up of super-absorbent polymer which is safe and non-toxic. The gellets are non-irritating and safe for skin contact.

Why Choose Kidz Klub?

Here are some of the reasons that set us apart from the rest:

  • Safe and secure indoor playing arena
  • A wide range of activities
  • Enjoyable environment
  • Activities for kids of all ages
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Seamless and enjoyable experience
  • Free WiFi
  • Waiting areas

Accessibility and Location

Kidz Klub is conveniently located in Danbury, CT. It is easily accessible for people of the greater Danbury area and beyond. Whether you live in Bethel, Newtown, or Ridgefield, we are just a short drive away. Our indoor playing facility is an ideal destination for local fun and entertainment. 

Book Your Blasting Adventure Today!

If you are ready to have thrill of gel ball blaster at Kidz Klub, then gather your friends or family and head towards us now! We aim to deliver a memorable experience filled with joy, excitement, and teamwork. Get ready to gear up, strategize, and have fun. Contact us today and book your spot right away!

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