Laser Tag Fun at Kidz Klub – Coming Soon!

New York City is about to have a thrilling and exciting addition to its family entertainment with the upcoming launch of Laser Tag at Kidz Klub. We promise hours of fun and excitement for children and families alike. 

What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a high-energy game where players roam through a maze-like playing arena. They have laser guns to tag opponents and score points. It is an exhilarating and safe game that uplifts strategy, teamwork, and old-fashioned fun. 

This classic game, at Kidz Klub, is being brought to life in an interactive way that ensures a memorable time for all the kids. 

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Kidz Klub in New York is going to set the standard with its top-class laser tag arena. Our arena is designed with safety and fun in mind. It has dynamic lighting effects, high-tech scoring systems, and futuristic obstacles. 

Whether you are a first-time player or an expert laser tag player, our arena at Kidz Klub is going to give you an immersive and fun experience. Our goal is to take the entertainment and fun to the next level. 

Fun For All Ages

One of the best things about laser tag at Kidz Klub is that it is going to be a game for kids of all ages. Whether you are planning a birthday party for your kids or a day out with your friends or family, laser tag will be an engaging and inclusive activity for children of all ages. 

Our playing arena can accommodate small and large groups which makes us the perfect venue for your fun!

Why Choose Kidz Klub?

Here are some of the reasons that set us apart from the rest:

  • Safe and secure indoor playing arena
  • A wide range of activities
  • Enjoyable environment
  • Activities for kids of all ages
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Seamless and enjoyable experience
  • Free WiFi
  • Waiting areas

Join Us for Your Next Adventure at Kidz Klub!

Get ready to have an adventure like no other at Kidz Klub in Jamaica Queens, New York. You certainly don’t want to miss this golden opportunity to play laser tag with your friends and family. Stay tuned for the opening date and be among the first to experience the thrill of Laser Tag at Kidz Klub!

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